Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Transportation

The ultimate Kentucky experience consists of touring bourbon distilleries and sampling a variety of handcrafted bourbons and whiskeys along the way.

Traditional and craft distilleries dot the state’s scenic Bluegrass byways and make their mark in thriving urban locales. The best way to see them all is with a custom Bourbon Transport Experience from Gold Shield.

You select the locations, or we can recommend some of our favorite distilleries. Our chauffeurs are knowledgeable guides when it comes to Kentucky Bourbon culture; we’ve been a part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail experience for more than 30 years.

With our customizable travel options, you can include add-on attractions, shop for uniquely original souvenirs, or take advantage of special holiday tours at the many distilleries along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Touring can take a lot of energy, so plan your Kentucky Bourbon Trail experience to include lunch or fine dining at the end of your journey. Several of the distilleries have on-site restaurants, or we can suggest popular dining options.

We have the spirit for adventure if you do!

Enjoy the sites along the way as you travel in pampered luxury. Choose from more than 40 limousines, SUVs, and vans to make your experience memorable. Immerse yourself in these amenities: custom sound, fiber-optic light bar, plush seating, TVs, DVD players, and smartphone capabilities

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Barrel House Distilling Co - 24 151 24 74 74 65 220 68 1 21 60 20
Buffalo Trace 24 - 149 20 57 61 63 218 83 25 18 58 21
Corsair Distillery 151 149 - 131 93 90 94 66 218 151 137 94 148
Four Roses Bourbon 24 20 131 - 39 54 43 191 91 24 8 39 19
Heaven Hill 59 57 94 39 - 16 17 154 127 59 44 1 56
Jim Beam 74 71 91 54 16 - 32 152 142 74 60 17 71
Maker's Mark 64 62 95 44 17 32 - 164 132 64 50 25 61
MP Roland Distillery 220 218 66 194 155 152 164 - 287 220 198 155 217
Old Pogue 68 82 219 90 126 141 131 287 - 67 88 127 90
Town Branch Bourbon 2 27 152 23 59 74 64 212 67 - 21 59 20
Wild Turkey Bourbon 21 17 137 8 44 59 49 197 88 21 - 44 11
Willett Distillery 59 57 94 39 1 17 17 155 127 59 45 - 56
Woodford Reserve 20 11 149 26 56 71 61 209 90 20 11 56 -
Barrel House Distilling Co

Barrel House Distilling Co-

Buffalo divace24

Corsair Distillery151

Four Roses Bourbon24

Heaven Hill74

Jim Beam74

Maker's Mark65

MP Roland Distillery220

Old Pogue68

Town Branch Bourbon1

Wild Turkey Bourbon21

Willett Distillery60

Woodford Reserve20

Buffalo divace

Barrel House Distilling Co24

Buffalo Trace-

Corsair Distillery149

Four Roses Bourbon20

Heaven Hill57

Jim Beam61

Maker's Mark63

MP Roland Distillery218

Old Pogue83

Town Branch Bourbon25

Wild Turkey Bourbon18

Willett Distillery58

Woodford Reserve21

Corsair Distillery

Barrel House Distilling Co151

Buffalo Trace149

Corsair Distillery-

Four Roses Bourbon131

Heaven Hill93

Jim Beam90

Maker's Mark94

MP Roland Distillery66

Old Pogue218

Town Branch Bourbon151

Wild Turkey Bourbon137

Willett Distillery94

Woodford Reserve148

Four Roses Bourbon

Barrel House Distilling Co24

Buffalo Trace20

Corsair Distillery131

Four Roses Bourbon-

Heaven Hill39

Jim Beam54

Maker's Mark43

MP Roland Distillery191

Old Pogue91

Town Branch Bourbon24

Wild Turkey Bourbon8

Willett Distillery39

Woodford Reserve19

Heaven Hill

Barrel House Distilling Co59

Buffalo Trace57

Corsair Distillery94

Four Roses Bourbon39

Heaven Hill-

Jim Beam16

Maker's Mark17

MP Roland Distillery154

Old Pogue127

Town Branch Bourbon59

Wild Turkey Bourbon44

Willett Distillery1

Woodford Reserve56

Jim Beam

Barrel House Distilling Co74

Buffalo Trace71

Corsair Distillery91

Four Roses Bourbon54

Heaven Hill16

Jim Beam-

Maker's Mark32

MP Roland Distillery152

Old Pogue142

Town Branch Bourbon74

Wild Turkey Bourbon60

Willett Distillery17

Woodford Reserve71

Maker's Mark

Barrel House Distilling Co64

Buffalo Trace62

Corsair Distillery95

Four Roses Bourbon44

Heaven Hill17

Jim Beam32

Maker's Mark-

MP Roland Distillery164

Old Pogue132

Town Branch Bourbon64

Wild Turkey Bourbon50

Willett Distillery25

Woodford Reserve61

MP Roland Distillery

Barrel House Distilling Co220

Buffalo Trace218

Corsair Distillery66

Four Roses Bourbon194

Heaven Hill155

Jim Beam152

Maker's Mark164

MP Roland Distillery-

Old Pogue287

Town Branch Bourbon220

Wild Turkey Bourbon198

Willett Distillery155

Woodford Reserve217

Old Pogue

Barrel House Distilling Co68

Buffalo Trace82

Corsair Distillery219

Four Roses Bourbon90

Heaven Hill126

Jim Beam141

Maker's Mark131

MP Roland Distillery287

Old Pogue-

Town Branch Bourbon67

Wild Turkey Bourbon88

Willett Distillery127

Woodford Reserve90

Town Branch Bourbon

Barrel House Distilling Co2

Buffalo Trace27

Corsair Distillery152

Four Roses Bourbon23

Heaven Hill59

Jim Beam74

Maker's Mark64

MP Roland Distillery212

Old Pogue67

Town Branch Bourbon-

Wild Turkey Bourbon21

Willett Distillery59

Woodford Reserve20

Wild Turkey Bourbon

Barrel House Distilling Co21

Buffalo Trace17

Corsair Distillery137

Four Roses Bourbon8

Heaven Hill44

Jim Beam59

Maker's Mark49

MP Roland Distillery197

Old Pogue88

Town Branch Bourbon21

Wild Turkey Bourbon-

Willett Distillery44

Woodford Reserve11

Willett Distillery

Barrel House Distilling Co59

Buffalo Trace57

Corsair Distillery94

Four Roses Bourbon39

Heaven Hill1

Jim Beam17

Maker's Mark17

MP Roland Distillery155

Old Pogue127

Town Branch Bourbon59

Wild Turkey Bourbon45

Willett Distillery-

Woodford Reserve56

Woodford Reserve

Barrel House Distilling Co20

Buffalo Trace11

Corsair Distillery149

Four Roses Bourbon26

Heaven Hill56

Jim Beam71

Maker's Mark61

MP Roland Distillery209

Old Pogue90

Town Branch Bourbon20

Wild Turkey Bourbon11

Willett Distillery56

Woodford Reserve-

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