About the Distillery

Kentucky history and Spanish architecture come together in unsuspected ways at the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Located 45 minutes outside Lexington, the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery focuses exclusively on the bourbon-making process. With 130 years of experience going into every hand-crafted barrel, bourbon is something Four Roses knows well.

Take the Distillery and Warehouse & Bottling tours to discover why Four Roses bourbon makes its award-winning bourbon.

*Distilleries tour tickets not included in the transportation price.

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Distillery Reserve your tour spot

Although reservations aren’t necessary for taking a tour of the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery, the distillers highly encourage them, especially if your party consists of ten or more people. Reservations are also useful if you plan to visit on the weekend because that’s when everyone else wants to go.

Tours are available seven days a week, but the grounds are closed on major holidays.

Distillery What to expect

The standard Four Roses Bourbon Distillery tour gives you a glimpse into the distillery’s history and a look at its future. Four Roses has experienced an exciting need for expansion, and you’ll feel the excitement as you explore the grounds and talk to your tour guide.

Four Roses Bourbon Distillery offers an alternative tour called A Taste of History. A little shorter than the full tour, this experience centers around a discussion about what makes Four Roses bourbon so distinctive.

Distillery Other advice

You won’t get cocktails here at the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery, but you will get a sample of the distinctive bourbon for which Four Roses Bourbon is known.

To complete the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery experience, ride over to Cox’s Creek to tour the Warehouse and Bottling Facility. You’ll learn why the single-story rack warehouse approach is so vital to the aging process. At the end of the tour, you’ll enjoy a sample of Four Roses bourbon in a complimentary keepsake glass. Again, reservations are recommended.

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