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If you haven’t been before, you’ll want to visit the epicenter of all that is bourbon: the Jim Beam Distillery. Pack your photo ID and walking shoes so you can explore the Jim Beam way of making bourbon.

*Distilleries tour tickets not included in the transportation price.

  • Tours In Clermont
  • Experiences In Louisville

Distillery Tours in Clermont

Clermont, Kentucky, is home to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse, where visitors get an inside look at the complete process of distilling bourbon, from mash to bottle. Adults and children (ages 10-20) are welcome Monday-Saturday for the 90-minute tours.

Book your tour online. You’re encouraged to make reservations in advance because tours fill up quickly. The distillery is a working site, so be aware that some operations may not be available for public viewing during specific parts of the year.

When you get the hungries, look no further than Fred’s Smokehouse, located right next door. Enjoy Kentucky-style vittles and a great view of the foothills, but keep in mind that the café is closed in the winter.

Seasonal events like a lesson about the history of bourbon or private luncheons with the master distiller have guests coming back frequently.

Until then, sip a cocktail at the Jim Beam Bourbon Bar before taking your GoldShield transport back home.

Distillery Experiences In Louisville

Just half an hour away in downtown Louisville, a bourbon experience of another kind awaits you at the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse.

It’s still the same great bourbon, distilled the Jim Beam way. Just like its country counterpart, the urban distillery offers an inside look at the whiskey distillation process. Use the interactive kiosks to be privy to the unique history behind the brand. When you’re done, be sure to build your own bottle of Jim Beam bourbon, a treat available only at the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse.

Whether you tour the Clermont or Louisville distilleries; you’ll be a part of the best-selling American whiskey made in Kentucky.

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