About the Distillery

The moment you arrive at Corsair Distillery for your tour, you know this will be no common experience. Corsair Distillery focuses on the nuances of artisanal craftsmanship. Every step of the process, from distillation to bottling, is made up of minute details. So is every tour offered at their distillery.

Corsair Distillery insists that it’s their attention to detail that makes the difference in your touring and tasting experience, as well as the craft spirits you’ll want to take home.

*Distilleries tour tickets not included in the transportation price.

  • Going public
  • Visiting with the master distiller
  • Taking the class

Going public

Opt for the public tour, and you’ll have a 30-minute session that shows you the facility, including the giant pot still and other vessels necessary for fermenting and distilling handcrafted bourbons. Learn about the grain-to-glass experience, as well as how and why experimentation is critical to the artisanal process.

Tour group sizes are limited to 14 people during the week and eighteen on weekends. You may schedule a tour with or without tastings.

No private tours are available.

Visiting with the master distiller

Set aside the first Friday each month to visit the Corsair Distillery Master Distiller. This exclusive tour is available for only six people, so reservations are required. The tour includes an opportunity to talk whiskey and taste unique and rare spirits of the Master Distiller’s choosing.

Again, no private tours are available.

Taking the class

If you’d like to recreate some of the craft cocktails offered at Corsair Distillery, sign up to take the Cocktail Creation Course offered one Wednesday every month. You’ll learn about mixing cocktails and combating hangovers. The theme varies each month, so you’ll want to return often to learn the latest in mixology mastery. Light snacks are included.

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