About the Distillery

Once an Amish dairy farm, the MB Roland Distillery location couldn’t be more perfectly situated in Christian County. The distillery uses locally sourced white corn to handcraft small batches of fine bourbon.

MB Roland Distillery offers both standard and distiller’s tour, but keep in mind that seasonal hours may apply, and the facility isn’t open on major holidays.

*Distilleries tour tickets not included in the transportation price.

  • The Standard Tour
  • The Distiller’s Tour
  • Veterans Support
  • Other events

The Standard Tour

For a nominal fee, you can take the standard tour of the MB Roland Distillery if you’re at least 21 years of age. This fee includes the shot glass you’ll want to take home as a souvenir, or you upgrade to the MB Roland Distillery-branded glass.

You won’t need reservations for this tour, so feel free to drop by. Every standard tour begins on the hour and is approximately 30 minutes in length. Be sure to ask for a tasting. It’s complimentary.

Children are welcome, but for safety reasons, the distillery may ask you to prevent active kids from exploring on their own.

The Distiller’s Tour

This 60-90 minute tour, offered by one of several full-time distillers at the MB Roland Distillery, provides exclusive insight into the process of distilling hand-crafted bourbon in bespoke batches. Guests on this tour also may sample specialty bourbons; you’ll even take home an MB Roland official Kentucky bourbon tasting glass as a token of your tour.

The minimum group size for the Distiller’s Tour is four people, make reservations in advance. The tours are offered on select Thursdays and Fridays each month. Check the MB Roland Distillery website for dates and times.

Veterans Support

Your service matters. MB Roland Distillery gives a 20% military discount to our American heroes.

Other events

There are plenty of events that happens at MB Roland Distillery. Some events include:

  • Pickin’ on the Porch, a free live music venue from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.
  • Vintage arts & crafts fairs
  • Facility and barn rentals for special occasions

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