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  • How to Impress Your Homecoming Date

    Posted on Blog, Prom Transportation September 15, 2017 by Lindsey Diaz

    The homecoming dance is one of the most important nights in any teenager’s life. If you’ve got a date with someone special, you’ll want to impress. Keep these tips in mind to win them over.

    Dress Up

    Studies show it takes just seven seconds to make a first impression. In such a short time period, you can only rely on your looks. Dress up to elevate your appearance and create the best impression.

    Most schools have formal or semi-formal homecoming dress codes. Formal traditionally means dark suits and tuxedos for the boys and long dresses for the girls, although they may get away with stylish cocktail dresses. Semiformal is a little more relaxed, but boys still need suits and female students should wear cocktail dresses.

    Pay attention to the details. Iron your clothes and shine your shoes for a flawless appearance.

    Boys Should Bring Flowers

    Homecoming is the perfect time for boys to realize girls love flowers. If you’re taking a young lady to homecoming, you’ll win her over if you arrive with a corsage. Ask what color she’s wearing; you can tell the florist to make sure the corsage coordinates. Collect the corsage on the day of homecoming and store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. You’ll get bonus points if you buy an extra bunch of flowers for her mom.

    Hire a Luxury Car

    Your own beat-up wheels aren’t going to excite your date, so treat him or her to a sweet ride from a company like Gold Shield. Gold Shield has a wide variety of luxury rental cars, from vintage Bentleys and Rolls Royces to modern limousines and Hummers. Make sure you snap a few photos with the car so you can both remember making your grand entrance.

    Getting a quote from Gold Shield couldn’t be simpler. Just complete the quick quote form on the Gold Shield website to learn how much hiring your dream car costs.


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