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Luxury Convention Transportation

Conventions are an opportunity for professionals, enthusiasts, exhibitioners, and various other individuals to gather with like-minded individuals, for opportunities to learn and engage in new experiences. There are a variety of business and entertainment-related conventions every year throughout the Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati areas. These events showcase a variety of interests, including innovative products, inspiring art, sporting events, culture, and more. Making travel arrangements for convention transportation can be a stressful experience. This is a process that involves budgeting, planning, arranging, and successful execution to and from your trip destination.

It is possible for groups of any size to travel to a convention in comfort and on a budget. The following informational guide was developed to help individuals and organizations develop an efficient plan for their next convention. These tips have the potential to make convention transportation a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Planning Stage

Convention Transportation

The planning stage of convention travel is by far the most important step in the process. It is important to determine several elements of the trip.

Convention Plans Must Entail:

  • Where You Are Traveling
  • How Many People Will Be Attending
  • How You Will Travel
  • Goals At the Convention
  • Budget Allowance for All Aspects of The Trip

Your goals at the convention will vary based on the type of convention you are attending. Conventions typically host a variety of activities for individuals across all interest groups, including panels, seminars, product launches, and other educational and exciting experiences.

You can usually obtain a schedule on the website of your unique convention destination that showcases guest speakers, events, and other activities.

Schedule your hotel accommodations and transportation services as soon as you determine the number of travelers who will be attending the convention. This information is important for determining which size vehicle you need for transportation. Do not forget to account for luggage and other essentials when considering transportation options.

Convention Transportation Options

convention transportation in Kentucky

 Flying to a convention may be a faster option, but plane travel is not always the ideal choice for several reasons.  Air travel is expensive, stressful, and oftentimes results in a number of inconveniences, including lost luggage, delayed flights, cramped seating and an overall poor experience.

With these common unpleasant occurrences, it is no surprise that a survey by the New York Post revealed that 3 in 4 Americans prefer ground travel over flying.

Ground travel is the most affordable, stress-free, and comfortable way to travel to your next convention.

Benefits of Ground Travel Include:

  • Flexibility
  • Unrestricted Packing
  • Affordability
  • Less Stressful
  • Significantly Improved Comfort
  • Build Stronger Relationships

Ground travel allows travelers the flexibility to stop, rest, stretch, and take detours on demand. The increased comfort level also allows for naps before arriving at your destination.

Business convention attendees benefit from ground travel because it allows them to secure last minute preparations. Time on the road allows professionals the opportunity to develop an itinerary of the seminars, panels, and speakers that they would like to experience, review important documents, and/or prepare brand materials.

Convention Travel Tips

Convention transportation kenctucky

There are several ways that you and your travelers can ensure that your convention travel experience is executed as smoothly and stress-free as possible.


Network with other people who will be attending the event on social media. Doing so can provide professional networking opportunities or simply a familiar face when your group arrives.

Make Meal Arrangements

Forgetting to plan meals in advance can result in excessive spending and poor quality of food. Make dinner arrangements before arriving at your destination. It is also wise to pack plenty of snacks and water for both during the trip and hotel stay as a precaution.

Pack Over-the-Counter Medications

Convention centers can be crowded, loud, and high-energy environments. Over-the-counter medications are essential in the event that a headache, body ache, or a potential stomach ache threatens to ruin the experience for any of the members of your crew.

Be sure to pack ibuprofen, acetaminophen, heartburn medication, gas relief, anti-diarrheal, or any other medication that may be needed.  

Additional Convention Essentials Include:

  • Business Cards
  • Phone/Laptop Chargers
  • Notebooks (Don’t forget Pens)
  • Extra Clothing

These items can be lifesavers for you and members of your team during the convention. They may even present the opportunities to act as ice breakers with fellow event goers.

Gold Shield Cars Provides Convention Transportation

Convention transportation kenctucky

Gold Shield Cars provides Central Kentucky with quality convention transportation for groups of any size and on any budget. Gold Shield Cars offers their clients an expansive fleet, from passenger cars and SUVs for smaller groups, to Limo Buses and Motor Coaches for the largest groups of convention goers. 

13-Passenger Budget Friendly Travel

Gold Shield Cars offers convention travelers comfort on a budget with their 13 passenger Ford Transit Van. This vehicle offers all that business and recreational travelers need without the frills of other luxury vehicles. 

13-Passenger Luxury Convention Travel

The Mercedes Sprinter Limo Van offers custom leather seating, surround sound, and Bluetooth capabilities. These luxury amenities are the reason this is the most sought vehicle for groups of 9-13 people.

30-44 Passenger Luxury Shuttle Bus or Limousine

A luxury shuttle bus or a limo bus are ideal choices for groups traveling with 30-44 passengers. These vehicles offer high-tech features, comfortable seating, and plenty of room for luggage.

56-Passenger Motor Coach

Travel to your next business or leisure convention in comfort and style in a 56 passenger motor coach. This oversized option offers seating that provides each attendee with climate controlled seating, reading lights, electrical outlets, and a television with Bluetooth capabilities.

There is also plenty of room for stowaway storage overhead and seats recline for comfort. This luxury vehicle also has a bathroom on board, reducing the number of stops, saving time during your trip.

Contact Gold Shield Cars Today

Gold Shield Cars

Convention travelers in Lexington and throughout Central KY choose Gold Shield Cars for all of their convention travel needs. 

Take the stress out of convention travel. Book a team of dedicated drivers and family-owned transportation services at 1800-205-7330. Gold Shield Cars has limos, buses, vans, and charter buses to cater to teams of any size or budget in comfort.


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