By Tammy Mick

Six Great Reasons to Hire a Limo Service This Summer

Many people believe that limos are only reserved for very special occasions. They hear the word “limo” and immediately think of special events, like wedding parties, funerals, and prom night. However, this isn’t the case at all. You can hire limo transportation for many other reasons, anytime that you need luxury transportation. 

Looking for a few reasons to hire a limo bus service this summer? Gold Shield Cars has you covered. Here’s how we can help give your summer travel a little style! 

Enjoy a Summer Concert Without Worries

kentucky summer concert limo transportation

Summer is the best time of year to attend a concert. Whether you prefer an indoor venue or an outdoor one, like an amphitheater, hiring charter transportation is the best way to get from your front door to the show. If you like to indulge in a few cocktails while listening to your favorite band live on stage, there’s no need to worry about driving home. 

Alternatively, if you simply don’t want to have to deal with after-concert traffic on your own, why not hire a limo bus service to drive for you? You and your friends or loved ones will have a lot more fun at the show. (Plus, others might think you’re in the band if they see the limo going down the street. And that’s always fun.)

Host a Birthday Celebration

Kentucky birthday limo transportation

What’s more fun than celebrating your birthday? Hiring a limo party bus for the special event, of course! You can invite friends and then get ready for a fun night out on the town. Bar hopping, checking out clubs, and other activities are much safer when you have a limo driver as your designated DD. Safety in numbers is another reason to host a group activity that takes place in a limo bus, such as touring bourbon distilleries in Kentucky. 

Of course, bars and clubs aren’t the only places you can go on your birthday. Some people prefer an afternoon of museum hopping, restaurant meals, and other, more subdued activities for their special day. Traveling by limo bus is an effortless way to keep the group together, without having to make someone in your party drive the rest of you around from place to place. Plus, you’ll get VIP front door drop-off service. Never worry about parking again! 

Summer is Wedding Season

kentucky wedding limo transportation

We’ll admit, that weddings and limos tend to go hand in hand. It’s customary for the wedding party, including the bride, groom, and their attendants, to arrive at the ceremony, the photo location, and the reception in a limo (or two). However, they aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of this VIP service.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to a wedding as a guest and hiring a limo bus for transportation. Not only will you arrive in style, but you’ll also be free to enjoy the open bar and dance your heart out, without having to worry about driving home. Our limos are always at your service. Imagine being able to enjoy every moment of a loved one’s wedding without dreading that drive home. 

Attending a Sporting Event

six reasons to hire a limo transportation service for summer

Although some cities have sports teams that play year-round, summer is notorious for professional baseball, including everything from single A teams to those in the major league. And what’s more fun than going to a game? Not having to drive in-game day traffic, of course.

Hiring a car service for your group before your next planned sporting event is always a great idea. You’ll get dropped off right outside the stadium and picked up in a similar, designated spot. This prevents you from having to maneuver through the pre-and post-game foot traffic, as well as having to deal with all of the cars on the road. Plus, you can have a wonderful time at the game knowing that you have a professional designated driver waiting for you. 

Start Your Summer Vacation in Style

six reasons to hire a limo transportation service for summer

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with airport parking. The long-term lots charge you to store your car there while you’re gone, and the short-term ones are only designed for people who are picking up others at the airport. So, why start your vacation with the headache of having to find an affordable parking space that doesn’t come with a mile-long walk to your boarding terminal?

Hire a car service to assist with your airport transportation. You’ll get picked up at home, have the time that you need to load your family’s luggage, and then arrive at the airport in style. You’ll save time by not having to find that parking space, as the limo will drop you off at the terminal. Even better, you can hire a car to pick you up once you arrive home, saving your jetlagged family from having to wait for a ride in order to get home. 

Sightseeing is Always Fun

kentucky sightseeing limo transportation service

Does your company often entertain clients who live out of town? If so, then you need corporate transportation. In between meetings and presentations, you can take your clients out on the town in a chartered limo bus. Show them the sights around your city, from the waterfront (if there is one) to the heart of downtown. 

Since you’ll have a limo bus that you can use freely as transportation during these outings, once you’re done with the sightseeing tour, you can schedule a meal at a popular restaurant or even take your client group to a show or sporting event. There’s no shortage of options.

Of course, sightseeing isn’t just something that business people do with their clients. Anyone can choose to spend some time checking out the sights around their city. For those who can’t stand the idea of dealing with downtown traffic in order to see everything that they want, a limo service is a perfect solution. You can see everything without the headache of driving or parking. 

Need to Hire a Limo Service?

limo transportation kenctucky

We’re here for you! So, look no further than this Kentucky transportation provider. At Gold Shield Cars, we’ll transport you and your family, friends, loved ones, or business associates as needed. Whether you’re heading to the airport, a sporting event, a concert, or any other destination, we’re the luxury transportation service to call. 

Contact Gold Shield Cars today. We’ll make your summertime plans a 5-star experience!

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