July 19, 2019 By Tammy Mick

Traveling for a Convention: Don’t Forget to Arrange Transportation

Do you want to look stylish when you arrive at an event? Are you looking to make travel arrangements that pick you up on time?

When you’re traveling for a convention, you need a transportation service that provides great customer service. It’s time you planned for a point from A to B.

If you’re interested in getting the best in convention travel, keep reading to learn about the best way to arrange trustworthy transportation.

Here’s Why You Need The Best A to B 

Not only can you get transportation to corporate events, but you can make the perfect impression on your colleagues by ordering a ride in advance. When you’re planning transportation for corporate travel, you don’t have clear limits on the image you present. If you want to rent a limo bus, you can have an extravagant pick-up and drop-off from the airport.

Special Events 

The right convention transportation can make special events that more enjoyable. You can schedule your time of arrival and the distance you need to go. Here are the main options if you’re in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

  • Weddings
  • Bourbon Tours
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Prom

If you need a multi-passenger vehicle for all your friends on prom night, you can rent several kinds of larger vehicles from the Gold Shield fleet. Or, if you need privacy after a long trip, you can choose something a bit more personal.

By choosing the best in transportation, you can let a load off your mind as you make it to the events that matter most to you. If you have a private event planned, you can also choose the valet services that match your needs.


The Gold Shield fleet personalizes their fleet to meet your travel needs. Here are the options you get.

  • Vans
  • SUV’s
  • Sedans
  • Motor Coaches
  • Buses
  • Vintage Vehicles

Thanks to Gold Shield’s extensive fleet, you have the choice of over 75 vehicles for your travel needs. Plan to have you and your friends transported to recreation events, conferences, and socials of all kinds.

Furthermore, you can enlist several vehicles for events when you’re traveling with others. However, you might find more luck choosing a motor coach or bus for a community event. In short, if you’re in the Kentucky area, you can go anywhere in almost any vehicle of your choice.

The Better Way When Traveling for A Convention

Traveling for a convention can be an urgent scenario. You need to be somewhere on time and need to feel comfortable the whole way there. Let’s face it, when you’ve just got off a cramped plane ride, you need a spacious solution for hitting your next destination.

When you’re making travel arrangements, don’t wait around for an overpriced cab to pick you up. Choose a service that picks you up on time and in luxury. Gold Shield is a safe and reliable arranged transportation service.

Your next step to action? Get ready to relax. Go ahead and book the best ride you can get!

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