By Lindsey Diaz

Choosing a Transport Car for a Corporate Event

When choosing a vehicle for transporting employees to corporate events, including conferences, it’s unprofessional to go with a party bus. Instead, select a more professional transport option for your upcoming corporate event.

Large Shuttle Bus

The logistics of shuttling your entire office to a corporate event doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Large shuttle buses are great options because they can accommodate events of any size. They’re also straightforward and functional. Whether you need to transport 24, 30, or 35 passengers, a large shuttle bus is a no-brainer.


When you have a smaller crowd and want to impress your colleagues or reward your employees, limousines are a timeless choice. A limousine is driven by a professional chauffeur with a privacy partition between the passenger compartment and the driver’s seat. This allows you to conduct business or get your employees energized before that exciting event. You’ll be shuttling your employees in style and leaving a lasting impression they won’t forget.

Hummer Limousine

If you love the idea of hiring a limo, but the classic option is too small for your office size, consider a Hummer limousine. Hummer limos serve the same function as the traditional limo, but they offer a larger capacity and more aggressive style that shows the world your company means business.

Town Car

When you only have a few colleagues to transport and don’t require the bells and whistles of a limo, you can’t go wrong with a town car. Town cars provide executive-level amenities, such as lighted back seats, and plenty of room to multitask. You don’t have to worry about being late or finding a parking space since your group will be dropped off at the door.

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