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Top Wedding Transportation Tips and Ideas

Wedding season is here and couples throughout the Bluegrass State are planning all of the details of their big day. Wedding planning can be stressful at times but is well worth the peace of mind knowing that your ceremony will operate as smoothly as possible There are many elements involved that need to be thoroughly planned, booked, and arranged before the date arrives. Plans generally involve booking several professional services, including the wedding venue, caterer, music, photographer, and transportation services.

Choosing the right services requires couples to research, obtain quotes, and book services in advance. Professional transportation services are one very important element of a wedding that are often overlooked. It is likely that during some portion of your wedding festivities you will need transportation for yourself, wedding party, and/or guests.

The following informational article explores the importance of selecting the right vehicles and professional transportation services for your big day. We also reveal additional transportation tips to ensure that your wedding day will be an extra special event to remember.

Identify Transportation Needs

Wedding Transportation tips

There are several things you must evaluate before booking professional wedding transportation services. The first thing that you need to do is to determine your unique wedding travel needs.

  • Will bachelorette and/or bachelorette parties be taking place?
  • How many guests are arriving by plane?
  • How far is the ceremony from the venue?
  • How will the bride, groom, and wedding party arrive?

These are all very important questions that you will need to determine before you search for vehicles and book services. You should also determine additional information to request a quote.

Evaluate the Following Needs:

  • The Number of Guests that Will Require Transportation
  • Distance To and From Destinations
  • Types of Vehicles that You Will Need
  • The Number of Hours of Service Required

Gold Shield Cars will need this information to evaluate which vehicles in their fleet will best meet your wedding needs and provide a free estimate.


Do not forget to account for guests that are traveling to your wedding from out of town when booking transportation. It can be especially frustrating for out-of-towners to travel from a wedding to a reception hall or other venue after the ceremony.

Wedding Party Transportation

Wedding Transportation Tips

There are a variety of ways that wedding parties choose to arrive on the day of the ceremony. Times have changed but many couples still prefer the traditional manner of remaining separated.

Conventional Wedding Transport

Some couples prefer a conventional wedding which involves keeping the groom and the bride separated prior to the wedding ceremony. This would require two vehicles to transport these parties to the service. This can be accomplished with several models in Gold Shield’s fleet, including Cadillac Escalade, limo, SUV, or vintage vehicle.

The bride and groom can travel with their wedding parties or separate to allow themselves time to relax and reflect on their commitment that is shortly to come.

Solo Transport

Traveling alone is an enjoyable experience for many people who are soon to be married. This allows them time to review their vows and get in the right mindset for the ceremony. You should also consider providing separate transportation for the bridal party and groomsmen if you decide this is the best decision for your wedding day.

Modern Luxury Intimate Travel

A modern twist on the traditional means of travel is to hire a driver to escort the bride and groom to the ceremony in the same vehicle. Although this option sounds unusual at first, it is a practical and beautiful opportunity for a couple to enjoy an intimate moment together before the day becomes hectic and others arrive.

Celebrate your big day by traveling to the ceremony with your soon-to-be spouse. Gold Shield Cars offers luxury two-seaters for special wedding occasions, including a popular Vintage Bentley.

Wedding Photos Travel

You should consider that it is likely you will need a vehicle to transport parties to specific locations for wedding photos. Gold Shield Cars has vehicles available to accommodate large wedding parties, including charter buses, shuttle, and motor coach options.

Wedding Ceremony to Reception Hall

Wedding transportation

Do not forget to provide transportation from the ceremony to the reception venue if it is located in a different location. Consider renting a charter bus or other large vehicle to accommodate this need.

Book Early

You should book your wedding transportation as soon as you determine your unique ceremony needs, budget, and have chosen a date. Transportation books quickly and not having the services that you need on your wedding day can be catastrophic.

Pre-wedding Events

Do not forget to book transportation for any pre-wedding festivities, including bachelorette and/or bachelor parties. These events are safer, more luxurious, and sure to be memorable in a luxury limousine or limo bus.

Gold Shield Provides Superior Wedding Transportation

Wedding transportation in Kentucky

Gold Shield has had the privilege of serving hundreds of clients throughout Central Kentucky on their big day. There are numerous reasons that customers continue to praise Gold Shield Cars for their luxury transportation services.

Gold Shield Demonstrates Excellence By:

  • Hiring Only Full-Time, Professional Drivers
  • Extensive Fleet of Over 75 Luxury Cars, Buses, Limos, SUVS, and Vintage Vehicles
  • Flexibility to Cater Any Event
  • Honest Affordable Pricing

Gold Shield Cars has been awarded the best in wedding transportation by and continues to receive numerous awards for their services.

Contact Gold Shield Today to Book Wedding Travel

gold shield wedding transportation

Gold Shield Cars is Lexington, Kentucky’s choice for premier luxury transportation services. Gold Shield Cars offers luxury vehicles, professional service, and reliable transportation. Specialized custom wedding packages are available to meet small and large wedding party accommodation needs.

Reach out today for more information about Gold Shield’s extensive fleet, vehicle, and wedding packages available. You can reach Gold Shield Cars at 1800-205-7330 or online.



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