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  • Top 3 Cars for Prom

    Posted on Blog, Our Fleet, Prom Transportation May 9, 2017 by Lindsey Diaz

    You want your prom night to be perfect, and you’ve planned out everything from your outfit to your dinner to your photo poses. But what about the car? You want to arrive in style, so consider hiring one of the following cars to make your prom night magical.


    The limo is the quintessential prom night car. It is classic, sleek, and guaranteed to impress your date. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be you and your date in the back of the limo. A stretch limo can hold up to 10 passengers, so get all your friends on board for a night of pure fun. Watch videos on one of the car’s LCD TVs, enjoy refreshments, and take some selfies that will make all your friends on social media jealous. To truly feel like a boss, opt for a Hummer limo rather than a regular one.

    Vintage Bentley

    Bentley vehicles are known for their unparalleled luxury. For an intimate and unforgettable experience, hire a vintage Bentley to take you and your date to the prom. Pose for photos in front of the car, and truly stand out when you arrive at the venue.

    L-Series Town Car

    If a limo is too big, and a Bentley isn’t your cup of tea, go for elegance when you slip into the back of an L-Series Town Car. The back seat is spacious enough for taller folks, and the interior exudes luxury. Listen to satellite radio — choose a romantic station — or just talk with your date as you anticipate the wonderful evening that lies ahead of you.

    Dinner, dancing, beautiful clothes, and corsages are all important elements of a wonderful prom night — but so is having the right vehicle. Whether you want a party car or a cozy and intimate experience, contact Gold Shield Transportation to explore your options.

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