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  • Tips For Sticking To A Small Guest List

    Posted on Blog June 11, 2016 by Tammy Mick

    Planning the dream wedding can be so much easier when you are able to strike off a few people from the guest list. However, if both the bride and the groom have big families then it can be difficult to narrow down the list. If you feel lost then here are a few things you can try to stick to a small guest list:

    • Invite Only The Important Guests: You can segment the guest into categories depending on how important you feel they are to your life. It might sound harsh, but it is a practical way of figuring out who the most important people in your life. Invite those in the most important category and ignore the rest.
    • Destination Wedding: If you opt for a destination wedding, where it’s held in a different country, then you’ll narrow down the wedding list by default. There will be a bunch of people that can’t make it. However, make sure the people that you do want to attend have the means and availability to get there.
    • Kids & Plus Ones: Avoiding plus 1’s and kids on your guest list can trim it down significantly. Some parents might have issues with this, but if that’s the rule for all the guests then there is no reason why they shouldn’t oblige.

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