April 14, 2018 By Lindsey Diaz

Dangers of Using Ride Sharing Apps Like Uber and Lyft

Using ride-hailing services might seem convenient, but doing so can present serious risks to your safety and well-being. Discover some of the most common dangers of using ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Your Ride Might Not Be Fully Insured

Catching a ride from an Uber or a Lyft driver might seem like a cost-effective way to reach your destination. While the upfront costs tend to be minimal, a short ride could end up costing you a lot if your driver has an accident. Before you even think about hailing a ride, make sure you understand what each service’s insurance policy covers, when the insurance coverage kicks in, and what types of bills you might have to pay in the event of an accident.

Your Driver Might Not Be a Professional

No matter where you catch a ride via Uber or Lyft, there’s a good chance the driver doesn’t have professional training. After all, most drivers who work for ride-hailing services use their personal vehicles and don’t complete additional training beyond receiving a driver’s license. This lack of professional training or certification can mean the driver isn’t fully prepared to keep you safe in challenging conditions or during an incident on the road. Depending on when your driver got his license, or how lenient their driving instructor was, can drastically affect the driving skill set they have. You can’t know for sure that your driver is a safe driver on the road.

Your Personal Safety Might Be at Risk

Uber and Lyft require background checks for drivers, but even careful screenings can’t predict the future. In fact, both services have made repeated headlines for their drivers’ dangerous actions. You might want to read about the assaults, attacks, and violent episodes that various Uber and Lyft drivers have perpetrated before you pull up your preferred ride-hailing app and call a car without a second thought.

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